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Foo Fighters Live At BottleRock Napa 2017

Foo Fighters was the headlining act for the Sunday of Bottle Rock, the last band of the weekend. Although I didn't have any preconceptions and thought I was unfamiliar with their songs...I was wrong. It was the kind of band that the more they played, the more you say to yourself, "Oh I love this song, I didn't know it was this band"! They were great...very entertaining in all. Dave Grohl was entertaining and funny throughout the set. He was very obviously happy to be there and loving the audience as much as they loved him. I was really impressed. So many songs they played I loved, but had no idea it was them! Its always great when that happens. At the end of the night, Grohl was saying how good it is to be back and he'd like to play all night for us. He then sang "Monkey Wrench", "Best of You" and announced that its his wifes' birthday and we sang a dynamic "Happy Birthday" to her, before ending the evening with their 20th song, "Everlong". A few minutes before the end of Everlong...they cut the power, and the last minute or two of the song was a bone chilling and inspiring audience participation of the song with half or less of the amp/speaker power. The audience participation more than made up for it. Apparently the city ordinance states that every minute the music plays after 10 pm Bottle Rock gets fined $1000. Foo Fighters gave it their all in their set, even after the power was cut! Now thats what Rock n Roll is all about!

I would definitley go see them next time they play. And they were the perfect ending to an epic weekend of music at one of my favourite music festivals, Bottle Rock Napa!

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