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Troublemakers Return to San Francisco

Vintage Trouble at Fort Mason for 'Tour deFat', Fat Tire beer festival. The event was a circus like atmosphere complete with stilt walkers and sideshows. Building C, at Fort Mason Center for the Arts was filled with beer loving millennials mostly, with a few "Troublemakers" sprinkled about the crowd. ("Troublemakers" is a name penned to those of us who are Vintage Trouble fans.)

The event began at 4pm, with a colorful array of small acts and games to entertain the beer drinkers. A couple members of VT walked out into the crowd to watch the openers also. The acts were slightly amusing but as I am a "Troublemaker" myself, I was all about bringing out the band! And then a few minutes before 8 the band began their set. Dressed in their normal suited attire, they provided those of us who know their music with what is expected, a great strong set (albeit too short), and provided those who had never experienced VT, with what I think will be memorable evening for sure. One thing about VT, even if you've never heard of them, they always put on a good show, giving it their all, no matter the size of the audience. I was there with Kenny Wardell, managing editor of BAM magazine. He had never heard of them before that night, but seemed impressed by their performance. And Wardell is a guy that has seen so much in the way of music throughout his life, including personally witnessing what is on the BAM cover at present, the Summer of Love.

VT always giving the audience their all. Every show slightly different....this one was complete with Ty finding a bicycle and riding it through the audience as he sang. And at one point, he came into the middle of the crowd, got us down on the floor and then all jumped up and sang as he danced with the audience. He even crowd surfed at one point in the evening!

VT has impressed audiences all over the globe. They toured in Europe and North America supporting The Who in sold out shows, and opened to thousands, at Londons' Hyde Park for The Stones. Vintage Trouble is the only band that has toured with both The Rolling Stones AND The Who. Very well paired, and very well deserved.

Before each gig VT can be seen in a huddle, always looks as though they're giving thanks and appreciation to be able to do what they do with gratitude and good wishes to each other for another great gig about to take place.

Vintage Trouble is comprised of four talented guys, all based in So Cal. Lead singer, and James Brown incarnate), Ty Taylor wows the audience not only with his vocals but his dance moves are off the charts! And this show he even played trombone, Rick Barrio Dill brings it with the bass, Nalle Colt on guitar and vocals, and bringing it all together, there's Richard Danielson, on drums. VT is a blend of soul, and guitar driven rhythm and blues, with a dash of old school rock n roll thrown in. Influences such as Ike and Tine Turner and Chuck Berry is as prominent as the James Brown moves Taylor brings to the stage. Their CD, "1 Hopeful Rd," was produced by Don Was, a three time Grammy winner, of Blue Note Records. Recorded at L.A.’s East West Studios and mixed by Tom Elmhirst (Mark Ronson, U2, The Black Keys), 1 Hopeful Rd. borrows its title from the album’s opening number and lead single “Run Like the River.” They have a great groove and sheer excellence in entertaining the masses.

The first time I saw VT in 2011, was whilst I was working for Wine Country Radio (KRSH). Sitting at my desk, I looked out my window and saw a huge van roll into the car park...The guys piled into the conference room for an on air segment on the Krush before a local show. At that time I knew, these guys would be playing big venues, and indeed, they are only 6 years later!

In 2011, they played with Brian May of Queen, on tour, and released their album, the self produced,"Bomb Shelter Sessions". This album made it to the top 40 in the UK and charted in Amazon UK , as number 1 in R&B and number 2 in the rock album category. The New York Times, critic Val Haller, had hailed Vintage Trouble as a modern-day answer to Otis Redding in that same year. VT has appeared on numerous shows, such as Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan, Jimmy Kimmel and just about every major music festival including our very own BottleRock Napa. Aside from The Who and The Rolling Stones, they've also opened for Lenny Kravitz, Joss Stone, AC/DC, and Willie Nelson to name a few.

The band deserves to be on your radar if they aren't yet. I strongly suggest you give them a listen, and take notice, get tickets and run, don't walk to a live performance if at all possible! I've noticed, whatever demographic VT plays to, it never seems to matter, cause their audience always enjoys the band, and their evening, always joining in and getting the most of the VT experience. I know that Vintage Trouble is a memorable band but more important the experience one has at a live performance, is truly an unforgettable one.

Their set on this night, lasted approximately an hour and a quarter, and upon exiting the stage, after the band bowed, all the band members came down into the audience and walked everyone towards the entrance to the venue. They planted themselves at the merch table, chatting, signing and mingling with the audience members until everyone had gone. As we walked to the merch table, I chatted briefly to Richard, the drummer, and I asked him how was their last year touring Europe...He mentioned what impressed him, was how open and welcoming the European audiences were to them. I meet a lot of people in the music biz, and for me, I think, these are four of the most down to earth guys. Real salt of the earth. Genuine. Talking about peace and love, and how we must get through this uncertain hateful political climate by supporting and loving each other. Its so obvious that they are grateful to be able to provide music to the world. And they are some of the nicest band members I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. At the end of the show, Ty even made mention of how its "their pleasure to be able to play for us" not the other way round. That sums up the tone of the VT experience really. Its obvious that this is what they truly feel...its their pleasure to be able to play.

If you're in Northern California in November 2017, you'll be able to see Vintage Trouble at The Fillmore, in San Francisco, and The Mystic Theatre in Petaluma. I suggest you do it! You definitley will not be sorry!

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